Cottonwood Residential actively seeks to acquire multifamily properties. For new acquisitions we focus on the following criteria:

  • LOCATION – A property must generally be in a primary or secondary market and well located within that market. Our intention is to acquire real estate in locations where we feel that rents can and will rise and where there is limited risk of new supply in that submarket.

  • AGE – Historically we have purchased properties built within the last 30 years, but with new acquisitions we intend to improve the age of our portfolio and look to purchase properties 20 years old and newer.

  • UNDERWRITING – Our underwriting is focused on current actual results combined with expected growth in that given submarket. We expend much effort before we make an offer to ensure that we are comfortable and to minimize any changes further along in the process.

  • APPEAL – The look and feel of a property is important in our criteria. Because we acquire properties with a mind to make some improvements, we are sensitive to the underlying structure and look of a property. Generally, when we acquire an asset we intend to hold that property for seven to ten years.

"It was a pleasure to work with Cottonwood from the first time we met. Your reputation for being straight-shooters and square-dealers will take you far. Please know that I will recommend you highly to anyone who calls me for a reference."