Asset Management

LEADERSHIP – We supervise the property management operations and make important strategic decisions relating to the property that affect its reputation and direction.

PROJECTIONS – We make projections of how the property will perform in the coming months and how much money is the right and reasonable amount to distribute to the owners.

BUDGETING – We use those projections to form budgets, and we also watch over the operations to ensure that the property is operating within its annual budget and following the business plan for the property.

VALUATION – We analyze the current and future value of the property, which helps frame strategic decisions that need to be made for each property.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE – With our market understanding we help make key decisions, such as when to refinance the mortgage and when to sell the property, so as to optimize value for owners.

"The investment seems to be well managed, and your marketing during these tough economic times has been exceptional. I wish our other property investments were doing as well."