Construction Management

Cottonwood Residential provides Construction Services to each of its owned and managed properties. This is an expertise that we began building several years ago because we saw a need for construction professionals to be involved in larger projects. Since making this area a focus, we have seen efficiencies increase both in our costs and in the effectiveness of the solutions that we put in place.

LARGE SINGLE PROJECTS – Where there is a need for a contractor to bid a project, it is important to have a construction professional involved in the review, awarding, and management of the project. This allows the property management team to stay focused on keeping residents happy and leasing units.

RENOVATIONS – Our construction teams are experts in putting together and executing a renovation plan for a property that will drive rents and value for the owners and the residents. Efficiency in cost and timeliness is critical in these projects in order to achieve the desired outcome.

DISASTER RENOVATION – Cottonwood has a proven track record of saving investors significant dollars in the wake of disasters that can happen at a property. Whether it is fire, hurricane, hail, or flood, our management and construction teams can successfully manage the costs and more importantly the impact on residents after any kind of disaster.

"We manage our construction projects with the long-term interests of our owners, investors and residents in mind. We recognize that decisions regarding type of materials and quality of construction have a lasting impact on the value of our properties. We also understand the importance of completing our projects on a fast-track schedule so units may be available for lease in a timely manner, benefiting both tenants and investors."