Financial Services

Cottonwood Residential provides a variety of financial related services. Financial Services covers several important functions related to your ownership in either a specific property or in the Operating Partnership (OP or REIT).

PRIMARY FINANCING – Cottonwood has broad knowledge, experience, and expertise in managing the process of placing initial financing or replacement financing on a multifamily property. We also have strong relationships with government agencies, life insurance companies, brokers, and other financing related groups.

SECONDARY INVESTING – When there is a need for additional capital above the primary loan that is in place on a property, it is important to structure that capital input in the correct way. Cottonwood can provide and/or source this capital as it is needed in multifamily properties. We are familiar with the legal requirements in many loan structures and will ensure compliance with those provisions.

PURCHASE OF EQUITY INTERESTS – Cottonwood is often willing to purchase existing interests in properties, even small minority interests. These may be in the form of TIC interests, DST interests, or LLC interests.

EQUITY INFUSIONS – This type of infusion can be needed to improve or refinance a property or to cure overages or deferred maintenance at a property. Cottonwood can address this need by providing and/or sourcing needed capital to fund this rescue equity investment.

"The reports and corresponding analysis are well organized, clear, complete, and to the point. I find them to be comprehensive to a fault!"