Investor Relations

Investors Relations is a primary and critical aspect of asset management. We train our people to communicate with investors timely, professionally, and effectively.

TRANSPARENCY – Cottonwood’s culture and investor relations philosophy centers on transparency to investors and on providing investors with the highest level of professionalism and service.

PROPERTY WEBPAGE – Each property has its own webpage where owners can log in and find pictures, basic ownership facts, property information, weekly reports, quick weekly updates, monthly reports, annual budgets, articles and even a chat board for owners to post questions and receive answers from other owners or from Cottonwood.

REPORTING - We provide unmatched detailed reporting on operations, events, activities, and the performance of each property. We post weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

ACCESSIBILITY – Our Principals and our Senior Executives are readily accessible and responsive to our investors.

CONFERENCE CALLS – We hold regular conference calls with owners in which we present the reports and condition of the property and answer questions from owners.

DISTRIBUTIONS – We present an assessment of distributions and guidance on future performance.

MARKET INFORMATION – We offer analysis on the specific and general market and on the effect of economic conditions.

PAPER COPIES – We deliver hard copies of reports and make phone calls to investors without computers or access to the Internet.

"I am so pleased that you folks are running the show. Your responsiveness is superb!"