Property Management

Our property management philosophy centers specifically on:

  • Hiring and then training the best people on each property
  • Providing the best promotion and marketing at each property
  • Implementing the most cutting edge innovation at each property
Each of these helps us to increase and optimize the revenue stream while effectively managing expenses and efficiently driving down costs.

We provide all the services that make us a fully integrated Multifamily Asset Management Company.
  • We manage for Tenant in Common owners and other groups of owners
  • We position strong regional leadership throughout our various geographic areas
  • We provide communications and reports on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis
At Cottonwood Residential, our property management focus is on our people, our product, and our market.

"I thank Cottonwood for taking over management of this property. There has been a palpable difference in professionalism and bottom line results since Cottonwood has been in charge."